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As of now...

2010-11-22 19:25:43 by FlyingTurtlePower

I'm just a low life little Newgrounds user. But i plan on making an entry in to the art portal and I'm just wondering- what are people looking for? Because i could just draw whatever, but if there's anything that would be better, like maybe a request? I dunno. if anyone could comment then that would be great.


National Geographic

2009-03-12 18:37:08 by FlyingTurtlePower

What the hell is with that magazine?! I mean, they have these detailed drawings of hairy monkeys women, and the men, too, but they make 'em so dang small you can't even stare at their tits and make it look like your actually interested in the article.>:2 Anyways, I was reading one today and there's this add about airbags that says to slam the magazine repeatedly against your face. So, the assfuck next to me picks it up and starts slamming it against his face and starts laughing (no he's not retarded, just stupid. We call him Schechter). Then he drops it. I pick it up and the cover closes revealing two naked babies on a beach towel. Some add for Kodak. So I give it to him with the cover turned upwards, and he doesn't realize he's about to beat his own face in with baby ass. Then he does someone notices, and I took my leave there. He was the center of attention for some time after!

So, when the school day started off, it felt pretty good. I found my girlfriend amidst the crowds, and took her out back and... anyways, I had a good morning. But later in gym, we had this stupid health lesson, and being the kid with a 2-track mind (sex and sleep... or both), I fell asleep. My gym coach woke me up with a swift kick in the ribs, and I flipped the fuck out and threw him on the floor by his ankle. THEEEEN, everyone else flips the fuck out and starts kicking the crap out of each other. I grenade-crawled into the locker room, inhabited only by a couple o fams shootin' craps. I managed to get dressed out and out of the gym before the school cop arrived and suspended everyone.